Design is the free will, design is the building of the spirit, design is the wanton genius, you can't give the world to someone you despise, the founder of resonance space, architecture exists to create the miracle of mankind -- Dai fan, founder of resonance space, no art, man is only the funerary object of time -- Dai fan, founder of resonance space, resonance Space -- Asia's first-generation celebrity interior design firm, Cloud Dragon Villa, Qujing, Yunnan by Dai Fan | Resonance space was designed and designed in 2022, covers the overall plot planning, planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, furniture design.


设计是自由的意志;设计是精神的构筑;设计是天才的肆意 ——戴帆 共振空间创始人

你不能把这个世界,让给你所鄙视的人————戴帆 共振空间创始人

建筑是为了创造人类奇迹存在的 ————戴帆 共振空间创始人

没有艺术,人只是时间的陪葬品 ————戴帆 共振空间创始人

共振空间 —— 亚洲排名第一代的明星室内设计事务所

云南曲靖云龙别墅 CLOUD DRAGON VILLA )由戴帆(DAI FAN|共振空间 2022年策划与设计打造,涵盖整体的地块策划、规划、建筑设计、风景园林景观设计、室内设计、家具设计。